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Time and time again how many times have you tried to get healthy?


Once... Twice... Dozens


All the while your health just seems to keep getting worse - putting on more weight, more tired, the doctors telling you it is getting worse.

Have you tried the latest diet only get small results or No results?


Have you tried the latest workout fad or worse, T.V infomercial equipment to get nowhere fast?


This video course gives you the solutions the professionals use

  • Reduce your medicine bills
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars from seeing Dietitians, Physios, Podiatrists, Diabetes educators, Specialists, hospital bills.
  • Move better
  • Have more energy
  • People will tell you "you're looking good!"

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You get the control

You have had to give up control almost always when it comes to your health. Everyone telling you what to do. They don't tell you how to do. This course gives you the control, You get to take control!

Not just one great outcome

So many courses only have One benefit. This course gives you So Many

Weight loss

Better Sleep

More Energy

Improved confidence

Less stress

More time


Years of knowledge and experience

This course combines years of knowledge and experience into an easy to understand video course. Easy to watch in your own home with resources to get you what you want.

"I learnt so much from this course."

Helen B.

"Was really skeptical but pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use the information from this course."

Brad C.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Subject #1 - Goal setting

How many times have you said something like "Lose weight"? A bunch. That's ok, thanks to this first subject you can learn how to set goals you can Actually achieve.

Subject #2 - Self Assessment

Self assessment sounds worse then it actually is. You will learn how to find out where you are at in regards to your health.  Simple things you can do at home.

Subject #3 - Movement 101

Movement 101: Everyone thinks Exercise but not this video. We will be looking at basic movements that you can do to strengthen and grow some muscle, movements you can use to get fitter and keep up with your day to day.

Subject #4 - Create your own activity plan

You pay someone hundreds of dollars to make a plan and tell you what to do. When you stop paying, the plan Stops OR you Can create one for yourself. You have only ten minutes a day, great you can create a plan for it. Learn how!

Subject #5 - Recovery: This is where the magic happens

Ever complained about being sore? The methods contained in this subject were pioneered by top level performance experts. The body improves when we recover, so why not do it faster?

Smart health professionals use these techniques for clients and themselves. Yes I use these, so do other professionals. So can you!

Subject #6 - Food!

If you want to drop the fat, food is where it is at. Sure you could do the whole shake thing but they get boring and cost.

Bodybuilders are muscle bound and ripped. You may not want to be a bodybuilder but some more muscle and less fat, great. You know how bodybuilders do it? They use the 2 P's. Find out what they are in this subject

Subject #7 - Stretching

How many different types of stretching do you know about?  Stiff ,sore? Can't pick things up off the ground?

This subject will be a massive help for you!

Subject #8 - Movement 102

The next episode, this subject helps you take your progress even further.

Find out how you can make movement more effective if things have become a little easy and your results have slowed

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My personal Guarantee to you!

 If you don’t learn at least one thing to improve your health from this nearly 5 hour video course, send me your receipt of purchase and I will give you a full refund.